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Welcome to the People-of-Earth project.  Our mission is to help transform the world path to:

"Uplifting the Human Spirit"

The earth we people live on really has become a "small world."

The actions of a few anymore can affect the activities of many, even all of us. By the same token the activities of many can affect the actions of the few. We are interconnected in many ways.

 Not only do we need to be better "stewards" of OURSELVES, but the "ANIMAL WORLD," the "PLANT WORLD" and the "EARTH ENVIRONMENT," en toto, are all counting on us.

"People-of-Earth" was created by means of a vision delivering the message that a bright future for our planet is up to "us," all of us. We are a group of positive minded individuals who recognize the future will only be as good as we all make it! 

We would like YOU to join this group and help make it grow into an effective positive force for all fellow earth dwellers to thrive and prosper in a brilliant, compassionate world.

Many groups of like-minded people are linking together right now through personal interaction (volunteering/donating) and/or socially linking by way of social internet sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Hundreds of thousands of people can now communicate easily and instantly with one another. This has made it possible to suggest that common goals can be shared all around the world in a very short time and to each unique individual here.

We have seen "diminishing" times for a number of years now and it has been taking its toll on the Human Spirit. However, the spirit, the energy and the fortitude of what Humans can be is on the rise all around us right now to meet the challenge. We can no longer wait for "them" or "they" to improve conditions, we are moving up to do it ourselves. It's a great reason to get up in the morning and go out and do something about it!

What we bring to the table is the embodiment of a "wireless connection." We have created sets of Medallion Styled Pins (above) and Necklace Medallions (below) representing the (7) continents of earth as a unique and simple way to remind each other, "We are All in this Together." And ...  with good thinking, positive energy and "affirmative" action, we can make the future as good as it can be.

Visit: The People-of-Earth.Net Store for descriptions and pricing.

The Continent Medallions, Pins and Gift Cards are designed to be collected, shared and given to friends, family and anyone across all continents. The images are there to remind us that in fact we are all in this together and that it is time we focused on where we want this planet to go. Positive actions and energy will create better results and the more people participating in "uplifting the human spirit," the more uplifting will be accomplished.

When you buy a set of the (7) continent medallions representing the People-of-Earth with the included hardwood stand and give it to someone, this is what we call: 

                                       "Sharing the World"

 We have kept the costs of our products nominal but the quality high to offer you this unique way to be involved. You can begin participating for as little as $9.95 with a set of an individual continent medal or GIFT CARDS

 Our physical actions affect things around us; our thoughts can have an even bigger affect on brightening the future for ourselves, our children and the way life can be on this planet. Everyone can participate. 




"Positive Attitude, Positive Energy, Positive Action does work! But we need to be doing it together."

     We call it:  THE GIFT

With your purchase you will also be helping in the group's efforts to assist worthy causes around the globe. A portion of the proceeds from each of your purchases will be donated to causes of benefit to humans, animals and environmental issues important to us all.


Get involved!

 "Share The World"

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