Gift Cards

This is a great way to have fun and generate "subtle positive impact." We have created a Gift Card to use on presents for birthdays, holidays, or just in the spirit of "giving." 

Leave one as part of a tip at a restaurant,  a token of appreciation for your teacher, helpful neighbor, babysitter, or use it to introduce yourself to someone new.

We designed a special pin with our slogan of "Share the World" on it, inviting the recipient to join in helping all of us make this world a strong contender in the success of "Life on this Earth."

The pin comes attached to the Gift Card and is removable for the recipient to pin on whatever item of theirs they would like. If used as a tag on a gift for a birthday or special occasion, there is space to write a to: and from:

Invite your friends to help create a momentum that will be hard to ignore!

ll of our own great energy will go into the "atmosphere" to boost our own well being.  Our resources will be put to good use "uplifting human spirit and potential" around the globe while taking care of our animal, plant and eco worlds with sound management.

The People-of-Earth Blog Site and Facebook Page will be used to discuss and promote good means, methods and product management that we simply need to pay attention to, for all of our sakes.

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Register at the Store. Subscribe to the RSS feed. Join us on Facebook/Twitter (@ProjectEarth) and participate in the BLOG discussions and information gathering.

The last page of this website is THE VISION. It is the page describing where the whole People-of-Earth concept came from. It is the page which asks, "What are we going to do about it?" 

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