The Gift

The Set of (7) Continents is what we call The Gift. 

"The Gift is the 'present' of a better world."

We produce these high quality Medallions and Pins to hold intrinsic value in the aspect of giving. 

"Share The World."

Buy a set, or as many as you would like to share as gifts for friends and family; start with yourself. Give yourself your own set. And if that is all you do, it is enough. It is your energy and positive thought that counts. The entire set you see here including the stand 
(8-pieces) is only $29.95. 

"Share It and Wear It."

 Display The Medallions and Pins on shirts, pant legs, hats, jackets, shoes, back packs and wherever you see the potential. The Sets include a custom hardwood stand to
display the "World" on your dresser, book shelf, desk, window sill or wherever you will see it each day. 

The stand is made from an African hardwood called Paduk. It is beautiful. We did the research and are working with a company heavily invested in protecting, managing and proliferating forest resources. 

We also offer a unique set of (4) GIFT CARDS  as an additional way to "Share It and Wear It."

These Medallion Sets & Gift Card Combos are available at the People-of-Earth.Net Store 

 It is your way of making a positive statement in your community without "saying" anything. As more people recognize the images and phrases, and see them on others, the connection will become clear. It will open lines of communication between people with the simple message:

"We are All in this together." 

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