The Vision

My name is James Newmeyer and I am co-founder, contact and spokesperson for the People-of-Earth project. As a trade for most of my life I have been an architect and home builder.

The People-of Earth concept came to me as an actual vision: revelation. I have a window in my home office facing South and before placing a couch there, I could stand right at the window looking out over the old “Main Street” part of one of California’s historic gold mining towns, Placerville. The town is located between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe and at the elevation where the Pine trees begin their accent up the hill.

It was Six-ish in the morning and I was looking out the window stretching my fingers in preparation of typing something and noticed the sun was just starting to break the horizon. The sky was what I call a Maxwell Parrish kind of sky; turquoise with pillowy white clouds catching the hues of pink and red in the sun’s awakening and I was mesmerized. It was one of those moments where you pause to realize all that is bigger than you, all around you.

Then suddenly it was like a camera had been set up behind me, then rotated all the way around and out into space, and I was looking back at the earth. I heard a lone deep voice say only three words, “people of earth.” ... I was “blown away.” Then the vision was gone. I will admit, I took a couple of steps back to regroup.

But I knew immediately what it meant.

The “problems” of this world will not be solved by governments, politicians, the UN, religious zealots, “environmentalists” (with their own agendas), corporations (with their own agendas, unions (with their own agendas); it will be through the “people”...the regular, everyday, common person. It will be us. It is up to us to make the world a better place; to be more humane, intelligent, compassionate and free.

I have long believed in the effects of a “global consciousness,” and that we are all linked together by an ethereal fabric (our thoughts link together to manifest an outcome) and I believe that before we can “act” together, we need to “think” together, and not be divided.

Your input will also be of value and your participation will make a difference.

So What do WE do about it?
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